Young Investigator Committee

The Web and Social committee was formed during the 12th Congress of the Cell Transplant Society in recognition of the importance of maintaining a web and social media presence in the pursuit further scientific advancements in the field of cellular transplantation.
To encourage the active engagement of trainee members and facilitate interactions between trainees and established members to advance research and activities in the field of cardiomocytes, neural cells, stem cells, adipocytes, hepatocytes, islets, deandritic cells, and all cellular development research.
  1. Foster a forum for young investigators and faculty to interact and provide opportunities for professional development.

  2. Promote young investigators' ideas of research trends and questioning of new technologies and innovation of our research agenda.

  3. Formulate scientific and social programs for the Cell Transplant Society congresses.

  4. Introduce and sponsor activities that facilitate young investigators and established members in energized collaborative activities.
    1. Introduce a program for a Young Investigator session during the Cell Transplant's next Congress.

    2. Build a database of resources for grants, scholarships, courses and training opportunities for trainees in the field.

    3. Collaborate with the Cell Transplant Meeting Steering Committee to arrange a Young Investigator networking reception social event at the next Cell Transplant Congress.

    4. Help develop criteria for Young Investigator awards with at least one or two youth representatives on the Selection Committee.

    5. Nominate one or more Youth Representatives to serve on fundraising activities of the Cell Transplant Society to include their support and initiative.
      Young Investigator Committee Members 2015-2018
      • Dmitry Bulgin, Rovinj, Croatia
      • Joanna Cwykiel, Chicago, IL, USA
      • Brendan Keating, Philadelphia, PA, USA
      • Kisha Sivanathan, Adelaide, Australia
      • Bradley Weegman, Minneapolis, MN, USA

      If you are interested in joining the Young Investigator Committee, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.