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2019 - CIRTA (Paris)

Access to optimal care for intestinal failure
30 November -0001  /  00:00 - 00:00

Latin American experience

Presenter: Hector SOLAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Asian experience

Presenter: Taizo HIBI, Kumamoto, Japan

Discrepancies among high income countrie and within a same country.

Presenter: Stéphane SCHNEIDER, Nice, France

Long term results of a series of pediatric patients with short bowel syndrome treated at an Intestinal Failure, Rehabilitation and Transplant Program

Presenter: Carolina RUMBO, La Plata, Argentina

Ex vivo tumor resection and intestinal autotransplantation – a single center 10-year experience

Presenter: Tomoaki KATO, New York, USA

Acute Intestinal Ischemia
30 November -0001  /  00:00 - 00:00

From intestinal preservation to management after resection. Biomarkers of ischemia.

Presenter: Gaël PITON, Besançon, France

Best Abstract Session - Young Investigator Award
30 November -0001  /  00:00 - 00:00

Stoma or no stoma that is the question: a single-center experience of intestinal transplantation without stoma

Presenter: Jang MOON, Englewood, United States

Extending the indications of Intestinal transplantation. Cytoreduction and modified multivisceral transplantation for patients with end-stage pseudomyxoma peritoneii.

Presenter: Srikanth REDDY, Oxford, United Kingdom

Ultra-Short Bowel Syndrome (USBS) – Does the lengthening procedures improve the outcomes? Intestinal Rehabilitation Program (IRP) Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) Washington DC - USA

Presenter: Clarivet TORRES, Washington, USA

The colon as an energy salvage organ for children with short bowel syndrome

Presenter: Cécile LAMBE, Paris, France

Central Venous lines
30 November -0001  /  00:00 - 00:00

Choice of central venous accesses: what is new?

Presenter: Helen EVANS, Auckland, New Zealand

Locks: ethanol or taurolidine.

Presenter: Cécile CHAMBRIER, Pierre Benite, France

Developmental, psycho-social and economical considerations in IF and ITx. Summary of workshops
30 November -0001  /  00:00 - 00:00

Ethics and economics as factors in determining candidacy for intestinal transplantation.

Presenter: Jonathan HIND, London, UK

Summary of the AHP workshops.

Presenter: Beverly KOSMACH-PARK, Allison Park, US

Experimental models, new therapies, ongoing studies
30 November -0001  /  00:00 - 00:00

What is the best animal model for intestinal transplantation.

Presenter: Mihai OLTEAN, Gothenburg, Sweden

Multicentre studies: RESTORE

Presenter: Gabriel GONDOLESI, Berazategui., Argentina

Multicentre studies: Integrate

Presenter: Mihai OLTEAN, Gothenburg, Sweden

Multicentre studies: NITE, RESTORE, Integrate, Gemit and the others - Focus on NITE.

Presenter: Emilio CANOVAI, Hoogstraten, Belgium

Graft rejection and other immunological complications
30 November -0001  /  00:00 - 00:00

Late referrals and sensitized patients.

Presenter: Robert VENICK, Los Angeles, USA

Post-transplant ulcerative ileitis (PTUI): risk factors and outcomes

Presenter: Stuart KAUFMAN, Washington, USA