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2013 - IXA 2013 Congress (Osaka)

iABO/ Hyper Immune Opening Remarks
10 November 2013  /  12:00 - 12:20

Opening/ Aim Scope of this symposium

Presenter: Shohei Fuchinoue, , Japan

Introduce Specific Topics/ Interests in this Symposium

Presenter: Kazunari Tanabe, , Japan

Plenary 1: iABO Immune Solid Organ Transplantation
10 November 2013  /  12:20 - 14:40

iABO KT in South Korea

Presenter: Jin Min Kong, , Korea

iABO KT in Japan

Presenter: Takashi Kenmochi, , Japan

iABO KT in Japan

Presenter: Naoki Kawagishi, , Japan

iABO KT in Sweden

Presenter: Jonas Wadstrom, , Sweden

iABO KT in Germany

Presenter: Przemyslaw Pisarski, , Germany

Plenary 2: Hyper Immune
10 November 2013  /  14:40 - 16:20

DeSens KTx at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Presenter: Stanley Jordan, Tokyo, United States

DeSens KTx in South Korea

Presenter: Chul-Woo Yang, Tokyo, Korea

DeSens KTx in Japan

Presenter: Shohei Fuchinoue, Tokyo, Japan

Oral Communication: Basic
10 November 2013  /  16:30 - 17:10

Peripheral B cell culture for assessment of immune response to ABO blood type carbohydrate antigens

Presenter: Masataka Haneda, Seoul, Japan

Comparative study on donor ABO antigen expression levels in red blood cells, platelets and graft endothelial cells.

Presenter: Yuko Miwa, Seoul, Japan

Blood group antigen-targeting peptide suppresses blood clotting and immunoglobulin deposition in renal glomerular capillaries after ABO-incompatible blood reperfusion

Presenter: Tohru Yoneyama, Seoul, Japan

Blood group-A mice as a model for ABO-incompatible (ABOi) heart transplantation (HTx)

Presenter: Lori J. West, Seoul, Canada

Implication of complement regulatory proteins and AMP-regulated kinase for graft accommodation

Presenter: Kenta Iwasaki, Seoul, Japan

Oral Communication: Clinical(1) Kidney TX
10 November 2013  /  17:15 - 18:20

The Gaboir-Registry will help to improve the health and risk stratification in ABO incompatible transplanted patients - Gaboir is the abbreviation for German ABO incompatible renal transplant registry

Presenter: Przemyslaw Pisarski, Tokyo, Germany

A single low dose rituximab ensures excellent outcome of ABO incompatible kidney transplantation

Presenter: Hiroshi Harada, Tokyo, Japan

ABO antibodies can give rise to positive flow cytometric T-lymphocyte crossmatch tests in the absence of HLA antibodies

Presenter: Jan Holgersson, Tokyo, Sweden

Comparative study of ABO-incompatible kidney transplants using rituximab without splenectomy and ABO-compatible kidney transplants.

Presenter: Akihito Sannomiya, Tokyo, Japan

Low doses of everolimus plus tacrolimus for ABO-incompatible kidney-transplant recipients

Presenter: Lionel Rostaing, Tokyo, France